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The updated I'm nietzsche, bietzsche! introduction

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The updated I'm nietzsche, bietzsche! introduction

Post by Nietzsche on Wed Jul 25, 2012 3:33 pm

updated because this is actually relevant:

[20:11:44] Nietzsche : but for whoever-s reading this - if I'm being overly direct / rude about something it's because I'm trying to be clear and not because I'm trying to be offensive
[20:12:15] Nietzsche : and seriously even in my personal life, there are only two people I have ever disliked
[20:12:41] Nietzsche : so I'm never trying to demean you
[20:13:03] Nietzsche : 'kay. Just letting everyone know. This should go in my introduction.

so please please please don't take anything I say too seriously, it's all in good humor. And I never intend offense. Take me seriously enough to know that I mean what I say but not enough to think that what I'm saying is intended to hurt, or make you do anything except laugh, smile, or think deeper about a question. Because like my name suggests, I'm into philosophy.

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