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Pro League Rules

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Pro League Rules

Post by Headmaster JJ on Thu Jul 26, 2012 12:27 am

In order to join Pro League, you must be an Obelisk student. When the time comes around for you to take your retest (A month from the day your current room was made) You may take the Pro League test. Now, when you applied for tournaments, you had the choice to add your tournament ranking onto the Pro League test application. The test costs the same as a retest, 500pts. The Application is below:

Academy Name: Headmaster JJ
DN name: Dark Gaia Alius
Last Test Score: 30/30
Tournament Ranks:
- SDA's First - 1st Place
- HeroSmash - 1st Place
- SDA's Second - 1st Place

The Tournament Ranks will add to the amount scored on your test results. (Ex. Total: 80/50) Once a part of the Pro League, you are safe for a whole week, until test time rolls around again. If someone scored higher than the lowest current score, the person with the lowest score, will be demoted to Obelisk Blue. All Pro League Students get paid a total of 250pts per week. Have fun, and Good Luck!


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