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Hello mine turtles

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Hello mine turtles

Post by Messengelato on Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:50 pm

I am going to make this post short as not to waste any of your time, though this is wasting your time because you're reading this instead of the actual introduction and you're probably annoyed right about now and probably aren't even going to continue past this point. Except you did because you are reading this and if this is seen by other people then I am wrong. I run Madolches because they are awesome and adorable and are TOTALLY not overpowered. I hate decks like the six samurai and lightsworns because I cannot fathon why they are the "Six Samurai" If there are more than 6 samurai in the archetypes, and i don't understand the idea that a dog can be sworn to anything. I Really wasted alot of your time, and you should really move on. I also enjoy abridged series and monty python. You didn't need to know that so you must really want to see this through to the end. My fingers are sore so im gonna stop typing now. Bye.


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